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Overeating Is Not About Willpower

mindful eating Apr 21, 2024
Overeating Is Not About Willpower

Have you bought into the myth that you can change your eating habits and stop overeating through sheer willpower, 💪 and if you don't, you're weak?

Who hasn't at some point?

Is that belief deeply rooted in your subconscious?

If you are ready to uproot that belief, read on. 

For those of you who have been a part of the LiveWellFlow community for a minute, you won't be surprised to read that I recommend mindful eating be part of that process if it's right for you.

Our Whys

Our eating habits are a product of genetics, hormones, body chemistry, our environment (current and past), and emotional triggers. 

Genetics can influence our taste preferences, metabolism, food tolerance, and the regulation of our appetite.

Our environment also has a strong impact on our eating habits, whether it be, for example, culture and tradition, other beliefs impressed on us as children, ready accessibility to healthy food, ability to withstand the social pressure to keep eating, or marketing campaigns.

And our environment can also trigger emotions that lead us to overeat.

Emotional triggers from stress, loneliness, boredom, anger 😠, frustration, feeling stuck can all contribute to overeating. 

I know. With all those factors, it's a lot easier to just chalk it all up to lack of willpower, engage in periodic restrictive dieting, and call it a day. But understanding and addressing why you're overeating (if you do) means you beat yourself up less and make more shifts for more consistent change. 

That's what we're really looking for.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can help you increase that awareness and make those steady shifts in how you manage boundaries with yourself if you take it step by step along with any other support you may need. 

I invite you to let go of the painful self-blame and self-judgment that comes with that willpower myth and stay focused on substituting habits that promote your overall health and wellness.

For more insight on creating a more peaceful relationship with food and mindful eating, check out my guide, Food Freedom: Unlocking Health and Ease.

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