All of my mindfulness offerings are designed to help you manage your stress, improve your well-being, and achieve a blend of success and fulfillment without burnout. 

Welcome to my  Offerings Page. 

Below you will find resources, courses, and meditations related to:

  • Live mindfulness sessions
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful money
  • Meditation bundles
  • Mindful boundaries and burnout 

Check them out below! And, come back and visit regularly for new or updated offerings.

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Stephanie Lewis


Three Meditations

Get your three meditations. 

The mini-body scan meditation, brief morning intentions meditation, and mini self- compassion meditation can help you launch and build your mindfulness practice. 


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Mindfulness Practices Guide 

Mindfulness isn't just  sitting meditation. Get your FREE guide to explore how you can develop a mindfulness practice that is tailed for you. 


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Sunday Morning Qigong & Meditation Practice

Join us every other Sunday morning on Zoom for group practice. We engage in standing Qigong meditation, gentle Qigong movements, and a sitting meditation. 


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Calm Your Nervous System & Soothe Your Stress with our Workshop & Meditations

Learn powerful techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve, the body's relaxation superhighway, and activate the relaxation responses, leading to reduced stress.  Integrate the accompanying meditations into your practice. 


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Practice Mindfulness Everyday

This course will provide you with a toolbox of concrete mindfulness skills and resources so you can develop the deep inner skills of mindfulness to help you manage stress better, overcome challenges and be present in the moment, no matter what the moment throws at you.


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Meditation Bundles

Meditations for Daily Peace

Settle into a sense of peace with this bundle of ten meditations covering every phase of your day from morning gratitude and intention setting to peaceful mid-day pause to evening unwind, end of day gratitude, and sleep meditations.


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Sleep Meditations 

Grab this bundle of sleep meditations. Sleeping soundly and peacefully is so important to our emotional and physical health. These 10 meditations will help you wind down from a busy day and settle into a good night's rest.


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Sleep Quiz & Meditation

Coming Soon

Explore what may be underlying your sleeping challenges in this free sleep quiz. Learn to calm your mind, reduce stress, and drift into restful slumber with our guided meditation.



Mindful Boundaries & Burnout

Setting Boundaries Worksheet & Video

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a refreshed you!  Get your FREE setting boundaries worksheet and video and more tips in your inbox to elevate your well-being.


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Recharging Your Energy and Overcoming Burnout Course

Are you feeling fatigued, overburdened, resentful of all that is on your plate, or unmotivated?

Then this course may be for you!

Learn more without the overwhelm of a big course. Begin to reclaim your energy with this tightly focused course on identifying the signs of burnout and rituals and habits to avoid or overcome it.

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$9 (yes, an absolute steal!)

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Fostering Mindful Boundaries Course

Learn the importance of setting boundaries. 

Explore how mindfulness can help you effectively set and enforce boundaries.

Delve into how to set boundaries and where boundaries will support your well-being, help you reduce stress, reclaim your time, and avoid or overcome burnout. 

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Mindful Eating 

Mindful Eating Guide

Are you ready to let go of yo-yo dieting and shift your focus to a sustainably healthier lifestyle? Download this FREE Food Freedom guide to help you on your mindfulness and wellness journey.


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Mindful Eating Workshop

In this workshop we provide you with a ton of information to introduce you to mindful eating and awesome ideas to help you make YOUR lifestyle healthier. YOUR lifestyle. Not the lifestyle that is inconsistent with your needs. You will get an accompanying meditation too. 


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Mindful Mealtime Audio Series

This audio series includes coaching audios, guided meditations, practical tips, and downloadable resources to help you understand the value of mindful eating, its role in your wellness journey, and resources so you can integrate a practice into your life that will help you create a deeper connection with your body and improve your overall well-being.


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Financial Wellness

Mindful Money Audio Series

Empower yourself to make informed, empowered decisions that align with your values and aspirations through mindfulness meditations and other practices.


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