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Morning Routines for the Busy Professional

meditation wellness Apr 22, 2024
morning routine

Is the sound of your alarm in the mornings worse to you than nails on a chalkboard? Do you dread the thought of sunbeams through your window? Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t create a morning routine. In fact, good morning routines will make you more productive during the day!

Here are my ten tips for creating a morning routine for success!💯

1. Prepare for your morning the night before. Maybe take your bath or shower the night before. Prepare what you are going to wear and eat. If your kids are young have as much prepared as you can for them as well.

2. If you use an alarm, change it to a pleasant song or sound.

3. Stop hitting the snooze button. It makes you sleepier.

4. Drink something warm when you first wake up to cleanse.🍵

5. Brush your teeth straight away to feel clean and awake.

6. Allow natural light to come in through the windows. Turn on the lights!

7. Exercise or stretch. If you are an outdoors person, you could jog or take a walk for 10-20 minutes. If you are an indoors person, you could do some yoga or stretch your body.

8. Start the day with positive talk about yourself. Say “I love you” or "You are magnificent" to yourself in the mirror. I know. Just say it.🤗

9. Make time to sit down for a nutritious breakfast.

10. Before you leave for the day – pause. Take a moment to center yourself – meditation, centering prayer, a few gentle breaths – whatever works best for you. Then proceed with your day.

How you start your morning routine has a huge impact on the rest of the day and sets the tone for how your morning will progress. If you start it off sleepy and struggling to get out of bed, then there is a high chance the rest of your day will be a struggle too.

Try and work out a good morning routine for yourself and your family that puts you in a good mood! Not only will your personal life be easier and happier, so will your working life too.

You can use these three Guided Meditations to start your day.


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