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Creating a Special Meditation Space For You

meditation Apr 17, 2024
Calm Meditation Space

Meditation can be good for your mind, body, and spirit. It can also be a challenge for you to find the right meditation space to settle into a contemplative mode.

Learn how to create a special meditation space whether it be at home, work, or another place that suits you.  While you can meditate anywhere, the environment in which you meditate can really help you quiet your thoughts and become more mindful.

Benefits of Creating Your Special Meditation Space

1. Improved concentration. Your mind and body will recognize it as your contemplative space which will make it easier to let go of the day-to-day concerns and worries during your meditation and contemplation. 

2. Less distractions. You can decide that this space will be free of phones and laptops. Your family can also see this time in your special meditation space as your uninterrupted time. 

3. Sustained practice. Every time you pass by or enter your designated space you will be reminded that your intent is to have a consistent practice. The space will actually start to resonate with your body. It will begin to feel like a calm and relaxing space.

5 Ways to Make Your Meditation Space Work for You

1. Keep it clutter free. 

2. Create a calm and quiet atmosphere. 

3. Decorate it with props that inspire you whether that be affirmation or prayer cards, candles, or singing bowls. 

4. Keep your favorite books and poems nearby. 

5. Arrange for comfortable seating whether it be a chair, cushion, or mat.

And, if you live in a small space, such as a small apartment, you may be wondering how you can engage in a comfortable meditation practice. Luckily, meditation does not require a lot of space. To help get you started, Redfin reached out to experts, including LiveWellFlow, to share best tips on how you can create a meditation space in a small apartment. Check out my tip on How to Create a Meditation Space in a Small Apartment.

While there are many benefits to silent meditation, it is not for everyone. In addition to a comfortable environment, guided meditations can also help support your practice. Enjoy some of my guided meditations here.

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