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Calming the Mind & Tapping into Your Subconscious with Meditation

meditation meditation practice Apr 20, 2024
Calming the Mind

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with your subconscious. It has been used for that purpose for thousands of years. Calming the mind clears out the interference and provides space for the layers beneath to come to the forefront.

Many forms of meditation exist. You have probably heard about a simple (though not always easy) approach of focusing on the breath to help calm the mind. It is a powerful method but does not work for everyone.

There are many other forms of meditation such as mantra meditation. Mindfulness meditation, mindful movement (such as walking meditation, yin yoga, or qigong), loving-kindness meditation, and visualization meditation are also powerful. I started with a form of moving meditation called Qigong before I started engaging in a mantra meditation and mindfulness meditation practice.

Meditation does not only help you calm the mind and tap into your subconscious with consistent practice, but you will reap many other benefits as well. Meditation helps you relax, lowers stress, anxiety, and depression, and increases overall well-being.

Try several different approaches before you decide on the type of practice you want to build into your life on a regular basis. Whichever form of meditation you decide to try, be sure to start slowly. And if you have a history of trauma or are experiencing a great deal of discomfort as thoughts and feelings rise up from the subconscious, consult with a mental health provider to help you navigate the process or decide whether a meditation is right for you. You do not want to dive into an extensive form of a new practice without preparation or support when appropriate. Once you have it down to a routine, you can gradually add days and times to your practice.

In invite you to check out my Meditations page for meditations and a bundle of meditations you can use for your practice.

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