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Mindfulness for a calmer mind, healthier body, and more content spirit.

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Get Your Three Free Meditations

The mini-body scan meditation, brief morning intentions meditation, and mini self- compassion meditation can help you launch and build your mindfulness practice. 


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Calm Your Nervous System & Soothe Your Stress

Learn powerful techniques to stimulate the vagus nerve, the body's relaxation superhighway, and activate the relaxation responses, leading to reduced stress.  Integrate the accompanying exercises and meditations into your practice. 


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Practice Mindfulness Everyday

This course will provide you with a toolbox of concrete mindfulness skills and resources so you can develop the deep inner skills of mindfulness to help you manage stress better, overcome challenges and be present in the moment, no matter what the moment throws at you.


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 Why Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a practice of intention, nonjudgment & present moment awareness.

Centuries of experience and recent scientific research indicates the many benefits of a mindfulness practice. I can attest to these benefits from my own experience.


Reduced Stress | Improved Focus | Better Decision-Making | Increased Resilience

"I owe Stephanie and her meditation classes so much. They are providing me with the tools to manage myself, my experiences, and my life."

- Elise

Hi! I'm Stephanie Lewis

As a certified mindfulness meditation and qigong instructor, national board-certified health and wellness coach, and managing attorney, I understand the challenges of juggling leadership responsibilities and personal well-being.

I created LiveWellFlow to support busy professional leaders, managers and entrepreneurs with demanding, stressful lives. My mission is to help you achieve a blend of success and fulfillment without burnout. Through mindfulness practices I help you reduce stress, improve health, better manage your time, and live in greater alignment with your values.

In my more than a decade of experience studying and practicing mindfulness meditation and qigong, I have engaged in many different practices to learn what most nourishes my mind, body, and spirit and fits best into my life. Sitting meditation and Qigong mindful movement serve as the foundation of my practice but other informal practices, such as mindful eating, continue to enrich my life. My practice has been instrumental in improving my physical, mental, and spiritual health and my quality of life. I have taught mindfulness meditation and qigong to countless individuals as well as in corporate and government settings.

I am honored to share this practice with you through live in person, virtual, and on demand courses and coaching.


"Stephanie is masterful at taking an emotionally charged subject and breaking it down to smaller steps that really help make mindfulness and mindful eating easier."

- Erin

"Stephanie has warmth and competence that are truly exceptional. She really knows her stuff and has that rare talent of being able to share what she knows in an empowering way, never lecturing or 'talking at' her audience. No matter how stressful my day has been, her guided meditations always leave me calmer and more centered."

- Eleanor

Setting Boundaries Workshop & Video

Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a refreshed you!  Get your FREE setting boundaries worksheet and video and more tips in your inbox to elevate your well-being.


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Mindful Eating Guide

Are you ready to let go of yo-yo dieting and shift your focus to a sustainably healthier lifestyle? Download this FREE Food Freedom guide to help you on your mindfulness and wellness journey.


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 Sleep Quiz & Meditation

Explore what may be underlying your sleeping challenges in this free sleep quiz. Learn to calm your mind, reduce stress, and drift into restful slumber with our guided meditation.


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