Sleep Renewal: 10 Guided Meditations for Quality Rest


Welcome to Sleep Renewal: 10 Guided Meditations for Quality Rest.

Each sleep meditation is designed to settle you for profound rest.

The mindfulness and visualization meditations below are of varying lengths.

They are all accompanied by music by Chris Collins, 🎼

Click the photo above to listen to a brief excerpt from the Release and Replenish meditation.  

What You Will Get

1. You will receive the following 10 meditations:

* Ending the Day with Gratitude (4:26 min.): Wrap up your day with gratitude, paving the way for peaceful sleep. 🙏

* Snowy Winter Visualization (5 min.): Envision a serene winter scene, where the quiet beauty lulls you into peaceful sleep. ❄️

* Resting by the Ocean's Shore (5:48 min.): Drift off to sleep to the soothing vision of ocean waves caressing the shore. 🌊

* Release and Replenish (8:09): Wind down and let go of the tension from the day and replenish your spirit for a more relaxing evening and more restful sleep.

A Beautiful Day by the River (9:44 min.): Reflect on the tranquility of a day spent by the river, easing into restful sleep.  * Relaxing Island Voyage (12:59 min.): Embark on a journey to a peaceful island retreat, where worries dissolve into the horizon. ⛵

* The Sleepy Train Ride (13:13 min.): Board the sleep train and journey to a night of uninterrupted rest. 🚞

The Blue Lake (15:49 min.): Dive into the tranquility of a serene blue lake, leaving behind the stresses of the day. 

* The Gift of Sleep (17:58): Unwrap the gift of restorative sleep with this deeply calming meditation experience.

* Sleep Time Journey into Relaxation (18:45 min.): Begin your journey into relaxation, preparing your mind and body for serene slumber. 

You can listen to them on your computer or on your phone.  You will also find them on the Kajabi Mobile App. 

Listen to one or several to help you calm the mind and drift towards quality sleep. 

2. You will receive three Brain Dump Worksheets to get the noise out of your head so you can sleep more soundly.

These meditations, worksheets, and any other accompanying information and products are for your personal use only.

Refund policy: Due to the digital nature of this product we are unable to provide refunds. 

What People Are Saying:

These meditations are so helpful to help me let go to the busyness of my mind.

Shirley H.

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